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The Most Cost-Efficient Way to Heat a Home

North Texas is no stranger to cold winter months. Although Grapevine may not see massive snowstorms during the winter months, temperatures will often be between 30 to 50 degrees. After spending the summer months racking up high electricity bills to beat the Texas heat, here are a few tips and tricks that will keep you warm without breaking the bank.

Setting the Temperature

The average home thermostat is set to 68 degrees during the winter months. A rule of thumb when conserving energy is to have a consistent base temperature for your thermostat. Rather than turning your system on and off, make small adjustments depending on the outside temperature.

If your base is 68 degrees and you plan to be out of your home all day, you should set it between 64 and 66 degrees in order to conserve some energy. Alternatively, on really cold days when you are at home, you could bump it up to 69 or higher to stay comfortably warm.

Smart Thermostats

A super helpful tool in making sure your home is always your perfect temperature is a smart thermostat. This allows you to adjust your thermostat remotely to ensure your home is at the ideal temperature upon your arrival. Many smart thermostats will also make adjustments on their own in response to the outdoor weather. Aside from convenience, a smart thermostat can save you over $130 a year.


Regardless of your thermostat technology, the bread and butter of home heating starts with insulation. First, you will need to investigate your home’s insulation. The easiest way to do this is to go into an exposed space in your home, such as the attic or garage. Is it worn down, thin and old? If so, adding insulation will have a major impact on the efficiency and cost of heating.

Space Heaters

Do you spend most of the time in your home office? Or maybe you need a little extra warmth in your bedroom at night? Space heaters are an easy and inexpensive way to bring coziness to small spaces. Rather than adjusting your entire home’s temperature, use a space heater to keep the space you spend time in nice and toasty.

Radiant Heaters

One type of space heater is a radiant space heater. These provide fast and localized heating. A radiant heater would be great for under your desk while you work. However, don’t expect the heat from a radiant heater to provide warmth to an entire room.

Convection Heaters

Convection heaters are ideal for full room heat. They take much longer than a radiant heater, but they will quietly get your space feeling like a cozy oasis. But be cautious, these units are hot to the touch and can be dangerous to children and pets alike.

Combination Heaters

Think of these as fans, but rather than cooling you down they will warm you up. If you are looking for white noise while you sleep, a combination fan may be the perfect choice for you.

One thing to remember when using space heaters is that they are the cause of 43% of house fires, so use them responsibly and take the time to educate yourself on the proper placement and use of your new space heater.

Kitchen Appliances

Your home is equipped with a built-in heater - the oven! Use the winter to brush up your cooking and baking skills while simultaneously adding warmth to your home. Use the oven’s self-cleaning tool to heat up the kitchen and clean without lifting a finger.


Maintaining your HVAC to keep it working properly will save you money in every season. Our AC and heating systems are often working around the clock and it is important to keep them clean and properly maintained to avoid major malfunctions. Your heater will work its best if it is given the TLC it needs.

Washburn Air is here to help with any and all heating needs this winter. Call Washburn Air at (972) 945-7464 today to have your heater serviced and stay warm all winter long.