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Are allergens, dust, and pet dander making it hard to breathe in your own home? Are you worried about airborne viruses infiltrating your air supply? Is there a strange, musty smell coming from your air vents? As air moves through your home, it can pick up all sorts of microscopic particles that get tracked or blown in from outside. That includes mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and pollen. Not to mention the collected dust and pet dander in your home that can also be picked up by circulating air currents! All of these particulates can directly impact the health and comfort of your loved ones if inhales, and due to their small size, it can be hard to remove them once they enter your home.

That’s why our local Grapevine team provides a full range of indoor air quality services designed to keep these health hazards out of your home and stop traveling airborne threats in their tracks. Not only will this make your home a safer place, but you’ll enjoy other benefits such as improved airflow, less odors, and even lower energy bills.

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Eliminating Airborne Threats

When diseases like the flu or common allergens like tree pollen are making their way around the community, we know that you want to take every available measure to protect the vulnerable members of your household. Our team is here to help you do just that – with our array of certified indoor air quality products, you can significantly reduce your family’s risk of exposure. We offer multiple options that you can mix and match to create a system that fits your unique indoor air quality needs.

Our Indoor Air Quality Products Include:

  • Media Filters – Media air filters are a step up from traditional air filters, made of thicker materials, capable of filtering out much more harmful substances and noticeably improving your indoor air quality. These highly effective filters are installed directly in your air ducts, positioned so that all air that flows through your home must pass through them before re-entering circulation. As air passes through the media filter, pollutants are trapped within the deep folds and removed from your air supply.
  • iWave Air Purification Systems – For the highest quality in air purification, we turned to the nationally-recognized experts at iWave. iWave’s air purifiers are capable of killing all kinds of viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19, with their cutting-edge ionization technology. The field of positive and negative ions released inside your ducts by the iWave system break down contaminants without producing any harmful byproducts, leaving behind nothing but safe, clean, and breathable air.
  • Air Scrubbers – Air scrubbers differ from air purifiers like the iWave system in that instead of focusing their attention on the air passing through your ducts, they send their negatively charged ions into your home to find and eliminate airborne pathogens.

Keeping Dust Out of Your Ducts

Sometimes, when airborne particles enter your air supply, they don’t continue to circulate. Instead, they get deposited inside your air ducts, where they can hide from sanitizers and scrubbers. Once inside your ducts, these particles can accumulate and spread – mold spores can latch onto the walls of your ducts and grow, dust can build up around vents and grates, and bacteria can multiply out of sight. All of these substances can be picked up by the air traveling through your vents again at any time, re-entering your air supply and creating a health risk. Our grapevine team can clean out your duct systems regularly to prevent this buildup of harmful substances, so you won’t have to worry about hidden threats lurking within your vents.

We Can Help You Clean:

  • Air ducts
  • Vents
  • Grills
  • And more!

Schedule your appointment with our Grapevine indoor air quality team today. We’ll help you find the solutions you need to keep your loved ones healthy and comfortable!


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